About thewryterreviews

A different kind of book review

My name is Patricia Kurz, and I call myself  TheWryter. This is a collection of reflections and contemplations of books I read. The primary purpose of this site is in its service as a place for note-taking. I read, make mental notes then come here express more complete thoughts, ideas, questions or predictions. Having the log for later reflection works  better for me than sticky notes in the pages. I “read” a lot of audiobooks as well — especially the courtroom-crime stuff. Therefore, this blog serves as a notekeeper.

I like to explore writer and plot, writer and language, writer and unspoken agenda. Never meant to personally attack, my comments simply reflect what I believe I  have discovered. You may not agree. I welcome your input.

See the current list here

My reviews are really impressions.

I read “new books” and, if I read best sellers at all,  long after publication. Thus, more input about plot and outcome are unnecessary. Unless specific plot points relate to some impression or connection I want to analyze, I avoid repeating what has already been written by others. Instead, I like to post my impressions and suspicions about character, motivation, inevitability, logic of actions, dialogue and what I consider to be some not-so-subliminal messages planted by the author.

This site is a place for dialogue, and may be best referred to AFTER you’ve read and loved or loathed a book we share. I can’t warn of SPOILERs because I intend to reveal as I make notes.

There are book reviews, and there are reflections of books — their impact made by style, language, characterization and imagery. I want this site to be interactive and based on impressions rather than specific plot points.

Posts will inform of current and new reviews. Click tabs at the top to read more.

Readalong Reviews:

Read along with me as I cover sections of the book. A review of the section, its place in the book read to date, questions forming in this reader’s mind.

This page will be ongoing and updated as I learn to present my thoughts in this format.

Currently reading:

The Talented Mr. Ripley, Patricia Highsmith


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