Betrayal, a Dismas Hardy Novel, John Lescroart

Betrayal, John Lescroart – Hardy/Glitsky yes, but not up to par.

I did not take the reviewers seriously, so I too suffered hours and hours of war playing, some interesting interactions among some non-Hardy/Glitsky characters, etc. The war stuff was so intolerable (I did not enlist to read about Iraq), that I had to skip past much of it, thus a wasted credit (though I paid a reduced cash price for it).

I have read most of the series, though not in order, and I found it funny to hear Abe characterized/voiced as he was. The later books are more appealing to me.BTW: I loathed Ms. Tara, what a wuss!When Hardy, et al finally showed up, it was great, as expected, and it reached all of the series’ high notes.However, I am miffed over the long pre-story to explain the characters’ later actions. That part (the documentary portion) could have been a half or a quarter its length. It felt like a soapbox for the author to take aim at the war, the govt, the FBI, etc., etc. And, while all those shots were probably at least partially accurate, and probably need(ed) airing, this was not the place for it. It’s like being in a class and the required textbook is the instructor’s own. I am disappointed in it because the hours I spent listening (waiting) for the Hardy/Glitsky book to begin, I could have been listening to something else.The outcome was classic Lescroart/Hardy… satisfying even more for the the slick twist at the end. Left me wondering just when I blacked out or if I did black out, or if I am just pretending to have blacked out during some of the long exposition and frequent fight passages.

Nevertheless, this could have been a terrific long short story, novella, or something and could have felt much more immediate and riveting than in this particular format. Without the prologue introducing Hardy’s cast of characters, I would have left the whole thing in Iraq.

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