Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn

7/5/12  —

Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn

I broke one of my cardinal rules. I read some reader reviews before finishing reading it. I avoided spoilers, so as of today, I do not know how it  ends. However, from the “negative” reviews, I read accusations of triteness of ending, of implausibility, of the book’s overall worthlessness. Halfway through, I don’t feel yet that my investment of time and money has been wasted.

The book has kept me consistently engaged. I have been studying each new character to find one to accuse as the killer of Nick Dunne’s  wife, Amy Elliott Dunne. Like others, I kept flip-flopping back and forth to  decide which of theme (Nick & Amy) was the worst partner. By Part II (Boy Meets Girl), it no longer matters. I really like(d) Nick  and disliked Amy’s Diary Voice. She sounded childish and foolish. Her version of her love affair  with Nick was believable, enviable. Nick came off naïve and a bit of a fool, but not a guilty fool. As Part I ended, Nick began to look  different.

Part II opens with a new wash of facts, ideas and  new possibilities. Was/Is Amy pregnant? Is Nick the creep she tells us he is?

When Nick reaches the shed behind Go’s house, and in it finds all the expensive purchases made on their credit cards, but purchases he swears he never made, the reader can quit looking for the abductor. Now in her own voice,  Amy tells us what she is doing to Nick. Neck lays it all out to his new lawyer and we’re off on a new chase.

Thoughts:  Because I have read ahead, I know to expect some strange switches. I am beginning to think that Amy did not plan/plot the appearance of her murder. I think Nick did it in Amy’s name, and that Nick probably commits the perfect crime.

7/15/12: Well it turns out, I was wrong, but wish  I had been right; would have made for a much more realistic and interesting book. This is not very good.

8/7/12: Finished this a few weeks ago and really disliked its wet noodle ending. Some of the book was good; the plot twists, the tension/pace, but the final pages damaged the whole thing. The main characters are loathesome, and the future child, if there is one, is in for a tough time. There are many, many reviews and reflections on this very popular book. A movie is already in the works. I won’t spend more time and effort on it.

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