Gone With the Wind, Margaret Mitchell

Gone with the Wind, Margaret Mitchell


8/15/12: To begin with, it is a magnificent bonus to have Pat Conroy’s introduction to precede this text. He is one of my favorite authors, and though he is a Southern writer, his work is easily loved by anyone anyplace on the planet.

The introduction: No matter how many of Conroy’s books I’ve read over the years, I am always enthralled with his telling of his personal history, which includes that of his mother and father. While his father is the “bigger” character in Conroy’s texts, it is his mother and Conroy’s deep love for her which rules the tone, the impact and the longing that so moves me.


9/10/12:  Finished, done… impressed beyond words. Some reviewers (now and then complain of the lack of proper editing). I say that depends on what you think this book is about. Read my full review here….

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