The Reversal, Michael Connelly

November 2010

Connelly omitted some

important things from

The Reversal

Connelly’s great characters are wonderful here, his plot twists and turns kept me reading.

The ending — less than satisfying for me. I felt it was kind of open-ended, as if more is to come from those end-of-book unexamined crime scenes.

One thing that convinces me of such a possibility is this: In the final scenes, at the trunk of the tree, during the digging, something is found. Bosch and Haller examine it. It suggests only slightly a connection to something Bosch knows/feels. If a certain Disney character were found on the charm instead of a “graduate” symbol, I would have  felt the case “closed.”

The relationship between Haller & Bosch was neglected. The forcing of their daughters to meet was almost like an add-on, not really done well. And though I’ve read most of the Bosch series and some of the Haller books, I truly got mixed up with daughters and wives and ex-wives and babysitters etc. There was a slight hint that one of the kids was in danger of abduction .. and the threat held sway over the book to the end. Except for that, there was no need for all those marriages and daughters being so pervasive in the book. There are better ways, and Connelly knows them all, to make a tough guy look more human and ways to illustrate the effects and regrets of marriages  and relationships gone bad.

I gave it 3 stars becaues it’s unlikely for me to put this “type” of book in the same league as a classic, 4-5*. But for its  genre, its length, pace, story, it’s pretty good.

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