Time Bomb, Jonathan Kellerman

Kellerman’s Time Bomb,

should have been a short story

7/20/12 —

Lists and lists of things.

  1. Long description of sexual encounter that serves no purpose, so far. (p.275).
  2. Lots of descriptions of clothing and “things” owned by rich people vs. poor people.
  3. I often think JK has an elitist view of the world.


At the performance for the children: hearing the dialogue of the performance wasted time and added nothing.

Lengthy description of Councilman’s first wife, very preoccupied with her jewelry.

7/22/12 So, why does Alex do all his observing in list form? No articles such as “a” or “the.” He just begins sentences like: Gold watch on thin arm….

So many clichés; one character, Beth Bramble, is described in ugly terms AND she has garlic breath.

PLOT: The basic story is terrific.  The characters all provided motive and explanation, however, it was like reading a “case study.” Each character told his/her own set of lies and truths and we, with Alex, just listened, watched and tried to put it together. I, for one, did not see what was coming. I found the outcome a bit implausible, but acceptable, considering the genre.

Other reviewers have complained about Kellerman’s “politics” being on display here. I am sure he has some reason for exposing certain types of creeps and we are all the more knowledgeable for having read some of what is in this disturbing profile, but as a novel, I think it had too much in it. It is, to me, a thinly veiled rant about certain types of beliefs and there is a story thrown in to dress up the lecture.

Again, on its own, the story would have been stronger the all the listing of what each person wears and the lengthy descriptions of each setting. There is something amiss in the telling, some tightness, some logical explanation for all the unimportant details.

(7/22/12) — to be continued.

more to come

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