Worth Dying For, A Jack Reacher Novel, Lee Child

Jack Reacher is my hero

November, 2010

Loved it, enjoyed it believed it. Glad he explained how he happened to be in Nebraska just when Eleanor needed him. I did not like the cat-and-mouse explanations of the secret of the big delivery. I think it’s an important issue and could have been finessed a bit more. If I had been Dorothy, I would have looked. Perhaps I read too fast, but I am not really sure how Eleanor got the cargo and what happened to the van driver.

Also, I don’t think anyone would expect the evidence to be left there, untouched and not destroyed — if only for symbolic reasons the “shrine” should have been eliminated. The other thing is all the dead people (which is usual Reacher fare), but to trust some lugnut cornhuskers to NOT talk about what went down, well, that’s just not logical — to me.

I think it was interesting that Lee Child included a number of nationalities to share the guilt for this particular crime, also.

Anyway, I liked it a lot (given its subject matter) but I guess I wish Jack had elaborated more.. preached a little.

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